Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Friar Foundation Repair has provided outstanding quality steel pier foundation repair services to the residents throughout Fort Worth, Texas, and the nine counties that we serve. Our locally-based, family-owned company understands the foundation problems that homeowners in our region are often confronted with. Clay-based soil is the culprit! It is prevalent throughout the North Texas region and causes the ground that your house is built upon to shift! When you utilize steel piers, your home is much less likely to shift and will be stronger and safer for you! There are many positive aspects associated with steel piers including the fact that steel piers are long-lasting, extremely strong and give you peace of mind in knowing that your home is always stable, solid, and safe!

Friar Foundation Repair understands that cost is always a concern; therefore, we provide you with free inspections and a free estimate, as well as a lifetime and transferable warranty! The cost of steel piers fluctuates depending upon steel prices at the time of the steel pier installation. However, keep in mind that in the long run steel piers will prove to be the smartest choice for your home! To schedule your free consultation with our steel pier installation expert, contact Friar Foundation Repair today at (817) 761-7556!


Here at Friar Foundation Repair, we know that steel piers are one of the greatest developments ever invented and manufactured for foundation repair! Similar to the installation of concrete piers, steel piers are pressed very deep into the ground underneath the foundation of your house. This is accomplished using a hydraulic jack. Because of this, steel piers provide you with amazing stabilization and support for your home. Moisture and erosion accumulate in the clay-based soil within our region; however, steel piers are not affected by this!

Friar Foundation Repair has extensive experience in steel pier installation! This fact is a great advantage for you, as we can usually complete the installation of your steel piers in just a couple of days! Of course, the exact amount of time that your steel piers installation will take depends upon the exact number of steel piers that you need. Our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector will examine and evaluate your soil and determine the number of steel piers that are necessary, the precise location for each pier, and the depth that each steel pier must be driven. We strongly suggest steel piers! Steel piers are an excellent choice for supporting both concrete slab foundations and pier and beam foundations! For your free consultation and evaluation with our foundation repair expert, call Friar Foundation Repair today at (817) 761-7556!


Friar Foundation Repair knows that you want the strongest, best and safest, most dependable support for your valuable residence! To schedule your free consultation with our foundation repair expert and the free inspection of your foundation, call us today at (817) 761-7556! We understand that you may have questions and we gladly welcome any and all questions that you have! With Friar Foundation Repair, you can count on the fact that you will receive quick, quality installation of your steel piers and the lowest prices to be found anywhere!