House leveling

Do you have areas throughout your home and your residential grounds that seem to be sagging or uneven? if this is the case and you are noticing this, you need house leveling! Friar Foundation Repair has provided the fine residents here in Fort Worth, Texas, and throughout the nine counties that we serve with superior quality house leveling services! Never put off having your foundation problems corrected! If you keep delaying the repair services that you need, you will find that a small problem will quickly turn into a very big one! With Friar Foundation Repair, your safety and the safety of your home is top priority!

High safety protocols are extremely important and our entire team of foundation repair specialists, our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector, and our Certified Geologist are licensed, bonded, and insured! We never leave you guessing! We provide you with free inspections and a free estimate, as well as a lifetime and transferable warranty! For your convenience, we are fluent in Spanish and English! To request your free consultation with our foundation repair expert, call us today at (817) 761-7556! No matter how frustrating your foundation problems seem, know that you can trust Friar Foundation Repair to take care of it all for you with flawless perfection and excellence!


When a house seems to be sinking or is unlevel in places then it most likely has serious foundation problems. Here at Friar Foundation Repair, the process that we use to raise your home back to its original position is known as house leveling. We never just address the immediate visual problems, we get to the root cause to make certain that your foundation problems are indeed corrected and eliminated! Many factors can cause sagging, unlevel floors, or a sinking house! Unpredictable soil and weather conditions, tree roots, and poor drainage are just a few of the culprits that may cause your foundation issues!


We frequently use these concrete pilings to repair foundations because they are very strong and reliable. These are placed underneath your foundation and most often are used in combination with steel pier supports.


As with concrete pilings, these are installed under foundations very quickly, usually in less than a couple of days. Friar Foundation Repair drives these steel piers deep into the soil. These are perfect in combatting the clay-based shifting soil that is common throughout the North Texas region.


As your home is a very valuable investment, you want the best foundation repair company to make sure that your house is safe and perfectly leveled! Friar Foundation Repair is BBB accredited, HomeAdvisor Screen Approved, on The Good Contractors List, and a member of the Texas Association of Builders. Check out our reviews and see for yourself! For superior quality foundation repair services, contact Friar Foundation Repair today at (817) 761-7556!