Foundation Drainage Services

Are there puddles scattered throughout your residential grounds? Are you uncertain as to what to do about your standing water issues? You have a serious cause for concern! Friar Foundation Repair installs the proper drainage system that you need based upon your foundation type and your environmental grounds! Our family-owned company is based in Fort Worth, Texas and we often encounter drainage problems throughout this region due to the clay-based soil that is prevalent here. For your free consultation with our foundation drainage expert, contact Friar Foundation Repair today at (817) 761-7556!


When you notice standing water throughout your outdoor grounds, never ignore it! Standing water will cause serious structural damage to your home, weaken your foundation and even cause your brick and concrete areas to become discolored! Friar Foundation Repair offers you many front and backyard drainage systems that include:

  • Surface drainage
  • French drains
  • EZ drain
  • Grate drain
  • Collection boxes
  • Landscape grading


Be sure that your home and your foundation are always strong, protected, and have adequate drainage! Your home is a valuable investment and you should never take chances with the structural integrity of your foundation! Friar Foundation Repair adheres to high safety protocols and our entire team of foundation drainage specialists, our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector, and our Certified Geologist are licensed, bonded, and insured! For your free consultation and inspection by our foundation drainage expert, call us today at (817) 761-7556!