Foundation Leak Repair

Friar Foundation Repair is proud to provide the fine residents in Fort Worth, Texas, and throughout the nine counties that we serve with superior quality leak repair services! For more than a decade, our family-owned company that is locally-based has made certain that your home is always solid, safe, and secure! This all begins with a foundation that is stable, strong, and structurally sound! The safety of you and your home is the top priority with us and our entire team of foundation leak repair experts, our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector, and our Certified Geologist are licensed, bonded, and insured. We understand the clay-based soil that shifts throughout our region and the foundation leak problems that homeowners here are frequently confronted with.

Friar Foundation Repair will never leave you worrying about what your foundation leak repairs may cost; therefore, we provide you with free inspections and a free estimate, as well as a lifetime and transferable warranty! For your convenience, we are fluent in Spanish and English! Call us today at (817) 761-7556 and schedule your free consultation and inspection with our foundation leak repair expert! With Friar Foundation Repair, you can relax and trust that your foundation leak problems will be addressed quickly, efficiently, and with flawless perfection and expertise!


Our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector will examine the leaks and determine the leak repair approach that is best suited for your particular needs. We repair your foundation leaks depending upon the size of the cracks and the root cause of the leaks.


A water slab leak is a leak that forms in the water pipes of the concrete foundation of your house.


In the majority of slab leaks, the water pipes are located underneath your concrete slab foundation. When this is the case, the leak is referred to as an under slab leak.


This leak is a very serious problem! These leaks are either in the sewer or in the drain pipes beneath the foundation of your home. Do not delay repairing these leaks! if you do not address this problem immediately, it can result in the collapse of your foundation!


Have you spotted water leaks around the foundation of your home? Do not ignore these leaks! Contact Friar Foundation Repair today at (817) 761-7556 and request for our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector to take a look at these leaks for you! When you trust Friar Foundation Repair, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your foundation leaks will be promptly addressed with flawless perfection and excellence!