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For more than a decade, Friar Foundation Repair has provided superior quality foundation repair services to the residents in Fort Worth, Texas, and throughout the nine counties that we serve. We adhere to high safety protocols because you, our valued customer, are top priority with us! Friar Foundation Repair is devoted to making sure that you and your home are always safe and secure! Our entire staff of foundation repair professionals, our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector, and our Certified Geologist are licensed, bonded, and insured. In order to make certain that your home is always safe, you must have a structurally sound foundation. The foundation is the base platform that your entire home or business is built upon. If your foundation is weak and not stable and strong, then how safe do you think the building will be? Your home or business must have a strong, solid, and stable foundation in order for you to be relieved of stress and feel safe and protected! Friar Foundation Repair is a full-service foundation repair company.

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No matter what foundation repair services you need or desire, you can count on us to take care of it all for you! We see to it that you are never stressed or worried about your foundation problems or what it may cost to repair them; therefore, we provide you with free inspections and a free estimate, as well as a lifetime and transferable warranty! For your convenience, we are fluent in Spanish and English! To schedule your free consultation with our foundation repair expert, call us today at (817) 761-7556! When you put your trust in Friar Foundation Repair, you will have confidence in knowing that your foundation issues will be addressed quickly, efficiently, and with flawless perfection and excellence!

Foundation Inspections & Repairs

As we are known throughout the DFW metroplex region for having the finest quality foundation repair services available anywhere, we are frequently asked what the signs of foundation problems are. There are many common signs of foundation repair problems and some that we see frequently include:

  • Doors that stick or that do not open easily.
  • A foundation that feels like it is sinking low into the ground.
  • Gaps and spaces around windows and doors on the exterior of the building.
  • Cracks in the walls, floors, and other home areas.
  • Floors that are sagging, sloping or unlevel.
  • Visible cracks in the foundation.

The best way to know if your foundation is in need of repair is to contact us and request that our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector examine and evaluate the condition of the foundation. Do not delay! If you notice any of the above signs of foundation problems, call us right away at (817) 761-7556!

Foundation Repair Services

Friar Foundation Repair is honored to provide you with a multitude of superior quality foundation repair services! We have vast experience throughout Fort Worth, Texas, and the DFW metroplex region for providing homeowners with the finest quality foundation repair services to be found anywhere! Friar Foundation Repair can provide you with any and all foundation repair services that you will ever need or desire!

The exceptional quality foundation repair services that we offer you cover the spectrum, including:

No matter what foundation problems that you find yourself having to face and the foundation repair services that you need or desire, you can always trust that Friar Foundation Repair will take care of it all for you with flawless perfection and excellence! We guarantee our foundation repair services 100%!

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Unlike many companies that advertise foundation repair services, we are a full-service foundation repair company! How can anyone give you an accurate quote for the foundation repairs that you need without examining the foundation problem and evaluating what is specifically needed? That cannot be done! Contact Friar Foundation Repair today at (817) 761-7556 and schedule your free consultation by our foundation repair expert and a free quote for your foundation repair! Our Certified Foundation Repair Inspector will examine and evaluate your foundation and determine what is needed to correct and eliminate your foundation problems!

Foundation Repairs

Remember, your home is a very valuable investment! It is of utmost importance that you keep your foundation in pristine condition and be proactive rather than reactive! Due to the clay-based soil that is prevalent throughout the North Texas region and the extreme weather conditions that we often experience here in Fort Worth, Texas, the soil can shift, become overly dry or hold excessive amounts of water that can damage your foundation! When in doubt, have your foundation checked out! It is much easier to correct a small foundation problem than allow it to become a great big one! Call Friar Foundation Repair today at (817) 761-7556 and schedule your free consultation with our foundation repair expert!

Foundation Drainage & Root Barrier

Standing water is not just a visual annoyance! If this problem is not addressed and corrected, the excess moisture will cause your foundation to weaken and become damaged. Proper drainage is essential! Signs that indicate that a root barrier is needed include small cracks in your sidewalk or trees and shrubs growing very close to the foundation. Trees and shrubs grow so a root barrier is an excellent protective shield to guard your foundation from the pressure that roots can cause to your foundation. We have extensive experience installing root barriers here at Friar Foundation Repair! Call us today at (817) 761-7556 and have peace of mind in knowing that we will install your root barrier swiftly and with flawless accuracy and efficiency!

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