Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Here at Friar Foundation Repair, we are adept at correcting all pier and beam foundation issues! As we have provided homeowners throughout Fort Worth, Texas, and the surrounding areas with superior foundation repair services, we frequently see problems with pier and beam foundations. How old is your home? It is extremely common for homes built in established neighborhoods prior to the late 50’s to have pier and beam foundations with wood support beams. These older wood support beams are prone to rotting and decay, jeopardizing the safety of your home and the structural integrity of your foundation! Have you started to have problems with your floors? Do you have areas in your floors that are sloping, sagging, or that are unlevel? If this is the case, you need pier and beam foundation repair! For your free consultation and foundation inspection by our foundation repair expert, call Friar Foundation Repair today at (817) 761-7556!


Pressed concrete piers are structural supports made entirely of concrete. We press them down into the ground underneath your foundation by utilizing a hydraulic jack. Concrete is heavy and capable of carrying a large amount of weight, making it an excellent support for your pier and beam foundation.


At Friar Foundation Repair, we combine the strength of both concrete piers and steel piers in order to provide you with the best support for your foundation at the lowest price to be found anywhere in the DFW metroplex region! We install steel piers similar to pressed concrete piers, meaning that we press them deep into the ground using a hydraulic jack. By combining both concrete piers and steel piers, you will rest assured that your home has a safe and strong foundation!